Changing gym memberships

Why are you looking to start a gym membership? To change something about yourself, right? Probably. The problem with most gyms is that after you start your membership, the guidance to help you accomplish your goals usually fades, unless you pay for it by the hour. What if you had a coach that you meet with and a regular basis to make sure you are getting the help you need to achieve the goal you have in mind? That’s what you get here. We want you to succeed!

Do you know what you need to do in order to achieve your goals? How much exercise do you need, what type of exercise do you need, what kind and how much food do you need? The road to change can be very confusing and often discouraging unless you have a plan in place. Our gym memberships are focused on the needs of the individual member. Each member has a different story, and a different goal that makes them unique. Having a coach guiding you in the right direction can make a dramatic difference in the time it takes, and in the quality to reach your goals.

This is where Warriors of Fitness stands out from the other gyms. High quality fitness and nutrition coaching to tackle the goals you want to accomplish. Whether you are looking to make a complete physical body transformation, training for high level obstacle races, or looking at becoming a better youth athlete, our training and coaching will give you the tools you need to succeed.  Don’t be left to “go it on your own” again. If you are looking for something different from your current health club or gym membership, then Warriors of Fitness is your place. The times have changed, change the way you train.

Performance Training Services offered at WoF

Youth Performance Training

There are three components to a complete athlete. Athletic ability, technical skills and tactical understanding. Technical skill and tactical understanding can be gained through practice and experience. Athletic ability requires separate, specialized training to see significant improvements. We focus on strength, speed, power, agility, and mobility to produce a better athlete. Athletes that incorporate high quality specialized performance training programs into their current sport regime can also significantly reduce the incidence of injuries. Contact WoF today and start making a difference on the field or court tomorrow!

Adult Performance Training

Are you an athlete? Or do you want to train to become one? Do you like challenge? Warriors of Fitness affordable membership combines open gym (performance training workouts included daily) with the flexibility of unlimited group training classes! WoF is all about you and your goals. We will help you train for the things you have always wanted. 5k’s? Obstacle Course Races or perhaps you’re looking for something more sport specific to unlock your athletic potential? We have that too!

Group Training Classes

Fun and HARD! Each exercise can be made easier or more difficult to support any fitness level. 45-60 minutes of no nonsense class using bad ass equipment. Like swinging kettlebells? Racked reverse lunges on carpet sliders? We know you <3 slamming battle ropes! Classes available all through out the day: am, noon (abbreviated class length and reduced price) and pm. Why not try one free?

Group Training Classes

For busy people who want to get fit

If you are looking to get more out of your gym membership or ready to ditch the cheap old gym style in Milwaukee, WoF is the neighborhood box for you. Ready for some badassery? Good. Our in and out 45-60 minute workouts will have you pushing yourself and your friends through a high intensity circuit all while using wicked equipment like battle ropes, TRX, slam balls, and resistance bands to name a few.

WoF’s training centric pricing means you pay for what you use and nothing else. We offer drop-ins, 15 bucks using the link below and now you’ve got yourself reservation for any class that works in your schedule. If you prefer packages we have those too, 5 ($75) and 10 ($150) sessions. How about saving a little dough and working out more? Our all inclusive Warriors Of Fitness membership includes open gym + unlimited group classes for any easy $125 per month!

Ready to feel all the feels but not sure about commitment? Don’t wait. Try a class free today and discover your inner warrior!

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