Ready to make a change? Are you able to make an eight week commitment to yourself?

Eight Week Kick Start Bootcamp is an all-inclusive program that pairs fitness + nutrition together in one affordable program to give you the best possible transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Eight Week Kick Start Bootcamp includes:

  • 8 weeks of a Warriors of Fitness membership ($250 value)
    Open gym with new daily workouts
    Unlimited Group Training Classes
    On-site trainer to help teach you how to use the equipment
    30 minute success session
  • Nutrition Kick Start ($165 value)
    7-10 day food journal
    coach review, consultation and customized action plan
    kitchen makeover
    2, 30 minute success sessions

The total value of this program is $415. New members can purchase this program until December 31st 2017 for $299, a $116 savings!

Group Class Schedule
Mon / Wed / Fri @ 6:00am & 12:00pm
Mon / Wed @ 6:00pm
Sat @ 8:30am

Open Gym Schedule
Mon / Wed / Fri  7:00am – 12:00pm
Mon / Wed  1:00pm – 6:00pm
Tue / Thu  11:00am – 6:00pm

Use this scheduling system to schedule your first appointment with us!


“This is not the first class I have ever been too and I absolutely LOVE it! Brandon is the perfect Trainer. He makes all of us girls feel like we are the only one in the room even though he is speaking to the group as a whole. He takes the time to correct us if we are doing the move wrong and still doesn’t miss a beat in moving the class along. I love it there. There is no judgement what so ever and Brandon sets a very team oriented, down to earth tone. I have never felt so comfortable in a room full of strangers. I love this class and if I could afford it, I would go every single day!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!” -Anjelita Fuentes



“This was a really fun, fast-paced workout.  Brandon brought a lot of energy to the workout which I always like and find very encouraging.  This class exposed me to some equipment I had never used before, which I really liked and added another element of challenge.  Even with my lack of experience with the equipment/moves, I was still able to get a great workout!” -Mallory Olley




Warriors of Fitness - 6619 N Sidney Place Glendale