Group Training Classes that kick ass

Hard Core. Total body training experience, right down to the name.  

Not just another “core” class, Hard Core is a group training class that focuses on the importance of core strength for everything you do on a daily basis.  Each exercise works your core while simultaneously working other body parts, hitting all the major muscle groups.  Eliminate the guesswork out of what your workout will be; Warriors of Fitness has it all put together for you. Just show up, lace up your shoes and be ready to work. Hard. Water bottle and sweat towels are highly recommended.

“If you do not want to sweat, then don’t take a class here. If you do not want to burn calories, then don’t take a class here. I was nervous all day about taking this class cuz I had a feeling it would be hard core. It was! But it’s just what I needed and everybody was very nice. The instructor was welcoming and I would recommend Warriors of Fitness to anyone who wants to sweat it out!” – Leah Hope

“It was honestly one of the toughest workouts I have ever done. It was definitely worth it though! I feel like I got a quality workout in and I know I will be going back! For me it was just the right amount of push and encouragement. Its amazing how great a workout you can get with Brandons straight forward exercises. I wouldn’t change a thing!” Alyssa Johnson

 Hard Core group training class combines cardio with strength for a balanced approach to overall fitness. Kettlebells, battle ropes, slam balls, and resistance bands is part of the equipment line up we use for every class. Every class is different so your workouts will never get old or redundant. Group training at Warriors of Fitness was designed to be challenging for the fit and adaptable for those working to become fit. Wherever you are between those two points, our group training classes will kick your ass.

“I’ve been to 4 or 5 classes in a row now in the past few weeks and I’ve never been so sore (in a good way!) and so strong! I’ve been in a workout rut with just jogging a few times a week and some casual yoga and free weights — Warriors of Fitness has definitely picked me out of that! The classes are NEVER the same so your always working muscles that you never knew you had. Like other reviews said, Brandon (the instructor) is super inviting and an excellent coach & motivator. Everybody is just focused on themselves and giving their personal “ALL” so there’s no awkward group class comparison going on. The class is highly adaptable for all levels!” -Kayleigh Dlapa

“We’ve been going to Warrior of Fitness for 5 weeks and this has been a great reintroduction to getting into shape. The set up allows me to pair up and workout with my wife. The variety of equipment and exercise stations has kept each workout fresh and never dull. You do not have old exercises, they have been recreated with a twist. This makes sure you use muscles in several areas at one time. I have rediscovered muscles I forgot existed! Warriors of Fitness is a great set up for all ages and fitness levels. Perfect for beginners, getting back into shape and those who just want to keep in shape. Brandon always makes sure to check on everyone and gives feedback or assistance if needed. Very professional!” – Donald Mitchen

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Rates: $109.99 monthly unlimited, $150 for 10 pack, $75 for 5 pack or $15 for single session

Schedule: MWF at 6am, Sat at 8:30am, MWF at Noon*, MW at 6pm

*MWF at Noon compact version. Enough to get your heart rate up, build some muscle, work that cardio and get you back to work.

Warriors of Fitness - 6619 N Sidney Place Glendale