Running made easier?

Yes, that can be done, really. For both a seasoned running veteran, or a rookie runner, strength training can help make running easier. Running more often or longer distances can help with running improvements, but adding a strength component can help you run more efficiently.

Running takes energy. Every time you push off, every weight shift from one foot to another, every landing takes energy. The stronger you are, or more importantly, the more stable you are, the easier running becomes, and the more efficient you become at running. It takes less effort every stride you take. Add that up for each mile you run, you do the math. Honestly, running is not something I enjoy.  Anyone that knows me will tell you it’s not something I do in my past time so when I can it can become easier, trust me.

So, on to some exercise performance stuff, yes, the nerdy stuff. Runners typically train in one direction, forward. When runners start to train their bodies left to right (lateral), they will start to notice quite a difference in their performance. Each step becomes more solid, overuse injuries are less prevalent, times start to drop, along with some other really cool performance gains. Before you start to think you need to start cranking on the iron in the weight room, relax, not necessary. We take a different stance here at Warriors of Fitness.

First, you need to decide how avid or committed of a “runner” you are. Do you run more on a recreational basis or do you actively compete in events? This will determine what type and frequency program you should be on. Considering experience, current physical state, end goal(s), training time, your training program to make improvements can be minimal to very extensive.

Once again, your program really depends on what you need. Even recreational runners can suffer from a long list of overuse/misuse injuries that will prevent them from enjoying running. Hip flexor pain, IT pain, hip tightness, knee pain, hamstring issues, sound familiar? Work on preventing injuries rather than rehabbing them. You don’t need to be an elite level athlete to benefit from a basic strength training program to stay active in a physical activity you enjoy.  Send an email to and see what you can do for yourself.

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